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Buffalo River Canoeing Guide by Harold Charles Hedges

Ozark Society Books
Buffalo National River
Canoeing Guide, by Harold Charles Hedges (3/22/1913-3/05/2005) (via Heart Failure: in front yard of Residence, Harrison Arkansas; Eagle Scout, Veteran Normandy Invasion WW2, volunteer Fire Chief for Quivira Lake (Ks) F.D. Highly Skilled and respected ornothologist (birding)

Ozark Society

A book of topographic maps of the Buffalo from Boxley to the White River, and down the White to Norfork, printed on waterproof plastic. Text keyed to maps describes points of interest along the river; introductory text describes the area's natural and historic features. Photos, river mileage chart.

46 pages, 9 X 6, plastic-bound. $6.00
ISBN 0-944609-13-9.

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