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It is the nature of existence that makes ignorance poisonous. Clarity is the only known Anti-Venom!

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Master Website for Mortality Resolution International TRUTH

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Since I know you don't want all children to die, then please clone this website or any of it's linked relevant websites like , making some changes, and submit it to

You can open a free website at tripod, yahoo-geocities, fortune,,, and many others. By picking a relevant name, that also helps evolve the focus of world unity.

The point of doing all this is that the [inter net] (look up the word inter in the dictioary, please) is the one mind forming physically. The next phase of the [inter net] is the psychical phase, to coordinate all human intention to stop building children to kill them, which will bring us to a "Thou shalt not kill" reward eventually.

Extremely Sincerely Yours

Robert Ray Hedges

Your brain has been touching itself ever since it formed in your head. The physics of mind is perfectly being itself. However, the mind as an eye cannot see because the shock of unsolicited mortal existence has been imposed upon it it. For clarity of purpose the shock must be stilled.Cause Physical Immortality through Longevity

New people are programmed to imitate those around them so they imitate the shock of the unstilled mind of older persons and never develope a clean clear picture of reality and cannot be an evolutionary asset therefore. In the 3 to 4 billion years of dna replication evolving our high brain volume, a theme underlying the phenomenon of biological life has already been identified by Darwin and Wallace as survival. Life is its own implication so learn Physical immortality

The psychic virus shared by most humans is that they feel compelled to make their own futile interpretation and massively fail to generate sufficient clarity to adjust their intent to be evolutionarily viable. And in the place of deferred clarity is a personna that is viscous and locked into illusion. This modality you are well familiar with as you have been acting out your version amoung the many others who you know who act like everything is fine when there is so much left unresolved. On behalf of children especially and all people in general, I am inspired to intercede to bring the evolution back on course and speed up its resolution.I create Immortality Physical.

In this place of clarity I assert that freedom is a pathological mind state as the beings do not yet understand that they have all entered a single context of intent, lately known as the right use of will, and more specifically defined by me as the evolution of survival aptitude in both quality and quantity. Nothing else answers mans own law of thou shalt not kill than the organization of a phenomenon defined for now as mortality resolution international.

I boldly further state that this modality of will is mandantory and will be internettedly injected into youth to build a force to correct the wrong use of will so rampant in older persons. By creating physical immortality for the youth, we no longer have to lie to them which is a

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Since procreative sex is the only cause of all death, procreative sexuality violates "Thou shalt not Kill!" The Restitution of our inherited "sin" is to use all of humanities' creative time in mortality resolution engineering. Freedom will fade away as clarity and pure intention dictate universal coordinated resolution! Mortality resolution international is becoming the KNEW social order context of our future world without borders. It is with my evolving will and understanding, combined with my evolving behavioral integrity, that this destiny be caused. Please Help Me, I need your assistance, HUMANITY!!!

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